Monday, 31 March 2014

Old Electro vs New Electro Which one do you prefer and why?


Maxwell Dillion was born in Endicott, New York where his father was a struggling accountant and had difficulties on keeping a job. Because of this, Maxwell and his family constantly found themselves moving which also caused Maxwell to become a reclusive child seeing how it was hard for him making new friends because his family moving. Maxwell's father eventually abandoned the family, Maxwell’s mother began to become overprotected over him as he grew into adulthood. Wanting to find some independence within his life, Maxwell wanted to go to college, but his mother would disagree with Maxwell’s choice but suggests that he gets a job as a lineman. At the age of twenty-four, his mother died and Maxwell pursued his goals and later became one of the most notable and well experienced linemen ever known.

Maxwell later was married to woman known as Norma Lynn, who eventually leaves him when deciding to pursue his career as a lineman rather than taking on the responsibilities as a husband. Developing a personality that was both selfish and arrogant, others had trouble requesting Maxwell's services or favors without him demanding something in return. When a fellow line repairman was knocked unconscious and stuck on a high pole with dangerous wires loose, Maxwell was requested by his employer to save the lineman’s life. Easily saving the unconscious lineman and bringing him to safety, a bolt of lightning struck Maxwell knocking him off the pole seemingly killing him. However, Maxwell later discovered that he gained some form of electric powers.

Maxwell next pursued on not only discovering this new found set of powers, but also trying to increase them as well. This caused Maxwell to find expensive materials that was stolen from Stark Industries and borrowed money to pay for machinery to help goals. It was during this time where Maxwell gained the attention of the mutant terrorist Magneto, who offered Maxwell a position within his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which Maxwell turned down. Maxwell was then confronted by one of the men he borrowed money from. Threatening to kill Maxwell for not paying back the amount he owed, Maxwell responded to the threat with a deadly bolt of lightning, making his first kill. After this incident, Maxwell had dreams to use his powers to fulfill his selfish needs and goals and decided to take a career as a costumed criminal and to be known as Electro.